Sometimes we need a TIME OUT!

I was hesitant to hike the Grand Canyon because of the storms that were approaching and I didn’t want to get wet. With a little nudge from my friends, we began the journey out to Plateau Point. We enjoyed each others company, conversations and laughter. Friends who share the same journey in self acceptance. As we approached our destination, we were faced with a storm. We were not in danger, but to go through, would mean to be uncomfortable. We pushed through the wind and rain and arrived. I’ve hiked this trail many times and as usual, the view took my breath away. This time however, something was different. My heart became heavy. I sat on the edge of this cliff and began to weep. I wept for so many reasons. It’s not that I was sad, I just needed to let go. Letting go so that I can be free. Life is hard and I need to surrender again. To let go of what I can not change and embrace what I can. It started to rain harder, I looked to the heavens and just sat still. I didn’t run for cover. I remained in the moment and was cleansed by the cool rain. As we hiked out, I went slow. With every step, I reminded myself of how far I’ve come in this journey called Life. Aches and pains and soaking wet with tears and rain, I arrive at the top… Humble and grateful for all that I have and all that I am. Feeling refreshed, I am ready to go again.

Isn’t this what life is about? Be gentle with yourself. Know that you are enough and you are worthy of surrendering and starting over.



12 thoughts on “Sometimes we need a TIME OUT!

  1. I am so happy you started your blog. As you always do you are imparting wisdom and love to a world that needs a reminder as to why we are here. Thank you for being exactly you. I’m so grateful to know you. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


  2. You have an amazing way with words because I believe you speak from your heart. You are helping me be gentle with myself and actually like me for me a little. You are an angel on earth


  3. Thank you for sharing all this. You are such an inspiration. Reading some of these blogs is like reading my own story. I will never forget a talk you gave at rosewood. It was the most inspiring words I ever heard. I’ve always wanted to hike the Grand Canyon. It’s on my 5 year bucket list.


  4. Shannon, as much as you have helped me with “surrender,” I cannot read this enough. One of the reasons I feel so safe and comfortable being open and real with you, and now life, is because I know you DO understand those feelings that we all feel, even when we feel most alone. We never really are. This entry speaks volumes to me, and I thank you for sharing. I will continue to, as you once told me in a very special way, “fight on.” Much love. 💖


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