Mom, will you be my weekend friend?

My husband and I decide to head North with the kids.  They have been wanting to go to snow bowl for years.  We tell them each they can bring a friend.  My daughter’s friend drops out at the last minute.  With tears in her eyes she says to me, “Mom, will you be my friend for the weekend?”  How could I possibly say no?  “Of course I will sweetheart.” The whole way north I’m internally stressing out because I’m tired and I just want to rest.  I also have NEVER been on a pair of skis or snowboard.  We get sized for boots and boards and head to the mountain.  My inner child giggles.  OMG I think to myself, I’m going to break my leg, I just know it.  The kids try to teach me to get up.  Nope, not happening.  I have to roll over and walk up on the board backwards.  Oh my gosh, its moving!  Where are the breaks?!  I’m sure I look like a pro.  I was the entertainer that day. After practicing a while, I conquer what I feel was the black diamond.  My daughter informs me that it was the bunny slope.  Over the next few hours, I found myself flying through the air, making human snowballs and belly laughing until my stomach hurt.  I did it!  I am snowboarding!  Yes, I fly until I crash and yes they had to stop the ski lift because I was not aligned properly when it came around and I ended up hanging off as it began to lift (thank goodness I was wearing a helmet) but by golly I AM A SNOWBOARDER.  I was dreading the weekend but am so glad I didn’t opt out.  I stepped in to save my daughter but I was the one who was saved.  Saved from depression and given the gift of fresh air, laughter and a wonderful memory.  I can’t wait to go again.


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